Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Art Studio Projects

I've been busy putting the art studio together. As I've moved things, I've worked on some projects to pull the space together.

This was my inspiration fabric:

Love the artist on it:

I added it to my white curtains and made a chair cushion for my sewing chair:

Then I took some containers from IKEA and spray painted them in my colors - green and purple:

They used to be yellow and blue. :o) They hold X-Acto knives, pens and pencils, brushes, and other art supplies:

Loving them! They are sitting above my drafting table.

Next, I took my memo board and updated it with a great fabric I found at Hobby goes with my inspiration fabric in a French theme.

hm, green or purple ribbon?

Went with the green since the buttons were purple
It's hanging on the wall next to my sewing table:

I also found a small drafting table at a thrift store. It wasn't painted so I painted the body of it with my green paint. I have a really cool addition to it, I'll share soon.

I love that I can store new paintbrushes or my reference photos inside:

Things are still a little messy but I'm slowly getting it all put away. Hm, I think it's time to update my stool too!

I still need to make tags for all my baskets and bins.
one of my shelving units...this is the one covered in the green and purple circle fabric on the back
shelf back when it sat in the dining room facing the living room - old chair is covered in the same fabric!

And I'm waiting for my son to finish emptying his closet so I can store supplies in there. As soon as that happens, I'll share a final reveal of my art studio!

I'm so happy to have a spot finally to create:
My mini canvases I painted in chalk paint. Need to paint the small easels and purple of course!
Be sure to check back on Monday as I join the blogland tour. Have a wonderful rest of the week!