Thursday, October 1, 2015

Silver Linings

Ever have one of those weeks? You know, the kind where more goes wrong than right? It's hard not to focus on the bad stuff and instead find the silver linings. I really have to work at being positive instead of negative during those times.

Anyway, I had a couple of weeks recently where my stress level was high and my outlook rather gloomy. It all started off with the phone company digging a ginormous hole in my backyard  and because of where they were digging, we had to take down my greenhouse. Which meant I had to move everything in it - including moving the pea gravel floor. Oh yay. Then it took them a week to come back and fix the cable. Of course, they came at a very inconvenient time for me. I had to completely change my plans so I could be home. Then it was another two days before they came back and refilled the hole. (I won't mention the now dead grass).*sigh*

In between all that, we planned and held a birthday party for my mother-in-law. A good thing but a little stressful trying to get everything and everyone coordinated.

(It turned out great and we all had a wonderful time!)

And then there were just lots of little things that just added to my frustration level.

I've learned during these times I have to step back and find perspective; look for the good things going on. So what were my silver linings?

First of all, in having to move the greenhouse - I got it all the junk cleaned out that normally gets put in there over the Spring and Summer. Now it will be ready for Winter! Yay! I'm ahead of the game!

Having to stay home on a day I was supposed to be somewhere - I was able to work on some projects I wanted to start - the ones it's been hard to find the time for. So hurray, they're started!

Then on a day when I was feeling really down, I got two emails. One from Shirley over at Hospitality Designs telling me I'd won her giveaway of the book  French Accents by Anita Joyce. I'd entered thinking it was a long shot but I love all things French and farmhouse so I thought I'd try. I was floored and ecstatic when I found out I'd won.  The book is wonderful. Anita walks you through what French decor is and how to add it to your house. I just may have to recreate that look somewhere. :o)  I'm smitten!

Then Beth from Farm Fresh Vintage Finds told me I'd won her giveaway of a HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer! No way!! Two giveaways? I won two of them?(I thought I wouldn't win this one either!) Oh wow, I am one lucky blessed girl! I wish I'd had this a couple of years ago when painting the farmhouse and stuff. I'm so excited to finally have one because let's face it...there's a lot more painting in my future! Beth has turned out some wonderful projects using hers. I can't wait to use mine! I'm on the lookout for the perfect victim, um project. I think I may have a candidate in the garage. ;o)

Silver linings indeed! We just need to recognized them in the middle of our messes.

Sometimes they are easy to see, like me winning the giveaways and my mother-in-law enjoying her party. Other times, I have to search for them. But they are there if we just look hard enough!

Hope your silver linings are shining through your clouds!

It still doesn't feel very Fallish around here - the mornings are nice and cool though and the heat isn't as intense. So that's a silver lining!

I'm still trying to get my table and chairs finished. I'm loving them so far. I need to get them done and moved back inside so I can decorate the dining room!