Monday, August 17, 2015

Our City Backyard

Our city home has a nice backyard with a great back porch.
We had a green yard with our first border collie, Lucy

I was in the process of getting a puppy when we lost Lucy so I decided to get two Border Collie pups.  (you know, get the puppy stage over with at once. heh) What with the drought, the trees maturing and creating lots of shade, plus two rambunctious puppies, we lost most of our grass a couple of years ago.

It was a little disheartening; the yard being all brown (i.e., dirt). On top of that, I put fencing up to protect my potted plants and flowerbeds (they thought everything was their chew toys).  When it rained, we had a big muddy mess...yard and dogs. (We fixed that by putting hay down as mulch just washed away),
Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs! But it all added up to an ugly  uninspiring backyard. *sigh* 

I kept reminding myself and Bruce the dogs would grow up and eventually learn not to chew everything in sight. And guess what? They have (mostly)! Yay! Time to reclaim the backyard!

Since we had a break in the heat (90's versus 100+ degrees :-D), I got to work. Blocking off the end of the patio and adding the bench from the BBQ area,

Also, I pulled the rustic planters up on the porch,

Reset my stepping stones, laid landscape fabric and added pebbles,

Moved plants and the bird bath around then added in my old beat up wagon,

Placed my peacock chair in the flowerbed to hold a plant,

And got rid of the ugly but useful fencing. The BBQ area also got a few plants along the fence and side,

The area to the left used to be fenced off for my potted plants -
 yay, it's all opened up! Still need to set the brick edge.

We still need grass but we are too hot and dry for that right now. Eventually, we'll plant some.

Ah, much better!

On a side note (pun intended), I found a small bistro set at Wal-Mart on sale. Score for the side deck!

I am really hoping the dogs won't think the plants are play toys. I think I'll spray them (plants not dogs) with a bitter spray just to be on the safe side. :o) I'm finally liking my backyard again!