Friday, April 24, 2015

Ideas For The Bathroom

I've been working on ideas for redoing the bathroom. It's a nice-size but after living with it for three years, it's time to address the issues we have:

1. The way low vanity:

I'm only 5'3" but it feels low to me! Annoying for me but what about for others who are taller? Very uncomfortable, I'd think!

2. The tub.
Although it's a nice deep tub, it is starting to crack on the bottom. (Lacking support?) And don't get me started on trying to make it look clean! I've scrubbed and scrubbed but it still looks dingy. Gross.

3. White tile.
Who in their right mind puts shiny, solid white tile on their bathroom floor? Ok, maybe you like that look; however, it's not for me! It shows every speck of dirt, every drop of water, footprint, whatever.!

Needless to say, I've wanted to redo it. Here's my ideas:

First off, the vanity. I saw this one at Pottery Barn and loved it's rustic look. The price? Not so much. Maybe Bruce could build one? Hm, he wasn't too keen on that idea. 

But then I saw this on Kim's blog, Tidbits & Twine:
Swoon! I love everything about it! Weathered, a piece of furniture, loads of character!

Bruce liked the idea of using an old piece of furniture too. He told me to start looking for the right piece. We measured and I started looking. Nothing. Everything was either too long or too short, drawers not in the right place, not the look I wanted, etc.

Then in Canton this month, I spied this:
To say I made a beeline for it is an understatement. I might of ran (well, almost).  It's the right size and configuration, solid wood, beautiful carving on it, AND I love how it's painted! The price was right too. Score! It came home with me. :-) 

Next, the floor. There are no tiles under the old vanity so that means I get new flooring! Woohoo!

Here's what I'm thinking of - wood look ceramic tiles:

I love the look of wood floors and with the ceramic tiles, I can have them in this space! 

Lastly, we're kicking around the idea of replacing the tub with a large walk-in shower; we hardly ever soak in the tub and in the future, getting in and out of a shower will be easier. (I know that's down the road but after dealing with that issue with a broken leg, I'm thinking of that). That said, being able to soak after a long day of working outside would be nice. But I'm really leaning toward a big shower -I'm just not sure yet. (Oh and before you ask, this is our only bathroom).

I'm excited to get started on this - just need to finalize the details/decisions and block out the time. Soon though, very soon!

Have a wonderful weekend,